Uta Maschke: I'm Uta Maschke. I'm the manager for East Region Adult Education. That is a key consortium in the eastern parts of San Diego. We have always seen tremendous value in using Canvas, not just as a remote learning platform, but also as a learning platform for blended learning scenarios from which our adult learners profit tremendously.

It helps our students to prepare for transitions to the community colleges. After all, they are using Canvas as well. It helps us in focusing some of our more tailored classes on digital literacy right there in a digital medium where we then can also incorporate Zoom sessions and other digital tools. Especially now as a member of the California Distance Learning Cooperative, we deeply value the opportunity to share with other adult schools through the Commons. That was a feature we were badly missing over the last three years.

Are there other adult education programs tailored to our adult education students that we can utilize, learn from, implement as best practices? We finally now have that Commons dedicated to adult education. And I'm very excited, building that out among all of us.

I think one of the most amazing features for us using Canvas is that it has become a catalyst for a larger conversation on learner-centered design and learner-centered activities in all of our adult education programs. So I have great hopes and expectations for our cooperative to move forward also with this larger conversation.

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