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Speaker 1: Speaker: OTAN, Outreach and Technical Assistance Network.

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Farzana Cassim: Others of you who don't know me, my name is Farzana Cassim and I am an OTAN SME. "SME" stands for "Subject Matter Expert." And I also work as an ITTA. We call "ITTA." "ITTA" stands for "Instructional Technology Teacher Advisor." I work for Evans Community Adult School, and it is part of Los Angeles Unified School District. So I think I-- well, I don't think I have anyone from LAUSD yet.

But enough about me. You are here for MS Edge. MS Edge. I call it "MS Edge," because it's "MS Edge," "Microsoft Edge." So I am going to talk about Microsoft Edge browser.

Before I go on, I would like to see how many of you have used Microsoft Edge regularly or just started using it. Can anyone just chat or anything you want to say, yes, no, whatever, a little? There you go. All right. Just enough to see if you have used it in the past, the old Internet Explorer. Or you have always been-- I call this, the people who use Google Chrome, "Chromers." Are you all Chromers?

OK. There you go. All right. Just recently started, OK. So you use Chrome. All right. So, well, that's good, because this new Microsoft Edge browser is the Chromium-based browser. So that means it is free and open-source web-based project, web browser project. The codes that they use in that browser were developed and maintained by Google. So technically, you're not betraying Google Chrome or Google and you still are loyal to Google, so please don't feel bad about betraying Google.

But definitely, let's just get to it and see. So this is our old Internet Explorer. Right? That's the one, if you are still using Windows 7, you will still see that. Or some of you who are still using Windows 10 will still see it. And then there comes the Microsoft Edge, the legacy one. That's the one, I call it, it's a 2D-looking icon.

And this one is the Chromium-based. The last one is the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, so you get both worlds, a Chrome and Microsoft Edge. So if you are feeling nervous about using a new browser, don't be. Because you're familiar features can still be found in Microsoft Edge.

So let's take a deeper look, because I always like to take a deeper look before I commit to it. Because if you don't know what you're looking at, you may say, eh, I don't like it. I will just move on. So since you take your time to get in here, let's not move on. But we will stick with it together and then learn something, a tool or two together with me.

I always call it be a "Sherlock Holmes." Just go and take a look at everything that you see first. The basics is important. When you are in a room, you should know, OK, this is my room now. I need to where the things are, what shelf, what books, where things are. Same thing with Microsoft Edge.

What you are looking at now is Microsoft Edge browser, the top portion of Microsoft Edge browser. Those of you who wish to follow along with me, and you go ahead and open your Microsoft Edge browser. Not the old one but the new one. Then we can take a look at it. The icon locations maybe a little off, but similar icons should still be there.

So let's start with the basics. We all know, in Google Chrome, you have those buttons. The left button, that left arrow, that is back arrow. Right? You go back to the previous page. And there is a right arrow. That one means, if you have an open page already, a web page already, and you have accessed it already, then it allow you to go to forward it. Right? To go to the next page, that's what it is.

And then there is a broken circle with an arrow. That is Microsoft Edge's refresh button. That button may be different from Chrome, but it is still the Refresh button, the very important button. Most of the students or teachers usually don't know what that does. You really should practice using that Refresh button. It gives you up to the minute updated information.

Because if, for any reason, you are like, why isn't that information not changing or frozen or something, just simply click on Refresh button and that should do the trick. And of course, the little home icon tells you you can go back to your home page. What that means is, if you have set your school website as your default home page, it will go back to default home page. Whichever website you are on, you can get back to that home page.

Next one is new tab. A lot of time, we want to leave whatever we are looking at and we don't want to close it. So what do we do? We open a new tab. When you open a new tab, you can just leave the previous page alone and you can go back to it any time you want. You can have up to, I think, it's 255 or something tabs. It's a lot of tabs you can open. I don't think we use 250, 200 or more. Right? So if you wish to open more tab, go ahead and open more tab.

Next one is the address bar. We all know that you have all used Google Chrome and everything, but this address bar nowadays-- not only this address bar. Recently or the past couple of years, Chrome and Microsoft and other browsers allow you to search keywords or any words. Right? Any words that you are looking for or a phrase or something or a very specific website.

When I say a "very specific website," I meant cnn.com, msnbc.com, msn.com. Something like that. Right? You know something with .com. You know something with .org or edu, so on. When a very specific website address with dot something, it is better to type in the address bar than the search box. There is a search box usually around here, around here. Right?

There is a search bar. Google has it. But this is not what we are looking for. So just remember that, if you know specific website, it is better to type in the address bar. That way, Google will not search millions and billions of pages and confuse you with whatever is the highest ranked. So it is just reminding about this address bar.

All right. So next, let's see. Let me erase this link and here. The next one I want to show you is, let's go back here, it's called "add favorite." Of course, we all know how to use that favorite button on Google Chrome. Same thing in here.

So add favorite is when you want to bookmark and you want to come back to it again and again and again. That's when you use add favorites. But the question is, where can I find my favorites. All your favorites that you bookmarked are all over here under that little half or broken star. That's where you can find all your bookmarked items, your web pages, your YouTube pages, and everything else.

The next one is collections. The collections is just exclusively for Microsoft Edge browser. So in case you are saying, why should I change it to my-- or start using, not change. No one should change. Because with whatever we know, should not unlearn. We should always continue to use. But why should you start using or use it along the way? It's because of collections, that collections are really great, and you might want to think about using it. And I will tell you what collections are.

Collections in Microsoft Edge browser helps you organize or keep track of your ideas on the web. Right? Whether you are preparing a lesson plan or a specific upcoming holidays project that you have with your students, the collections will help you organize and keep track of your ideas. They are bookmarked, but it's temporary. If you wish to delete them, you can delete them any time you want. I will explain or I will dive deeper on collections in couple of, I believe, slides.

The next one in here is those three dots. We all know about three dots. Three dots usually means what? Et cetera. Right? It means there are more to see. There are more features in those three dots. That's what it means. So if you were to click on those three dots, you will have more options. But what do you call it?

Things that you can customize or configure to make it your customized Microsoft browser. That's what you want to do. Whenever you want to configure or customize something, you come to those three dots. And that's universal for many apps and many browsers.

OK. Collections. Let me see. All right. Collections, which I just mentioned, can be found on the top bar of your Microsoft Edge browser. As you can see, I have them. I have the keyboard shortcut, Control-Shift and Y. If you were to press those three together, you will get access to your collections.

Those of you who have not used collections before, you will not have anything, of course. If you are following along with me and you are on a web page, you can click on that collections and you will see what else you can do. Of course, I'm going to show you a live demo in a few seconds.

If you want your collections to be available for you on your cell phone, on your tablet, or on your school computer, your home computer, or your home laptop, nowadays we all have multiple devices we use So if you want those collections that you started at home or at work to sync, then you need to sign into your account. It could be your school account, your own Hotmail, Outlook, whatever account it is. But it has to be Microsoft account or your school account.

Why don't I show you that? And let me share. New share. Let's go here. Can you all see my Microsoft Edge browser or not yet? How about now? Yes, very good. Now, you can see it. This is Microsoft Edge browser. The collections are the one with the little plus sign, and the plus sign on the top is the new tab. Not that one. The one on the far right.

In case my video screen or our video screens are blocking, you might want to move that video screen to your left and you will see collections on the top. If you click or if you type Control-Shift Y, you will see a collection. So now, I will click on it. As you can see, I have a lot of collections already. If you don't see any collections, you can always start new collection.

Before I go to this collection, I want your attention here. Do you notice my little profile picture? My little profile picture tells me I am logged into my school account. That way, when I want to continue with the collections or want to go back to the collections that I had at home, that's where I can get everything back. OK?

So if you are not logged in, you simply need to click on the little icon over in the same area and you can go ahead and log in somewhere around there. Since I cannot show you because I am already logged in, you can go ahead and log in that way. So your collections will stay synced at all times.

So let's go back to the collections. When I click on collections, TDLS page, for example, this particular page that I'm looking at is not on my collections. But if I do want to make this one as my collection, I can start new collection. Or I can right-click on the page itself, and I can say add page to collections. That's all you have to do. If I like this page, I want to start with it, you have many choices.

If you already have collections, multiple collections, already ahead of time, then you can decide where it belongs or you can simply start new collection. So I can start new collection over here, or I can start new collection on the top right where the collections frame is. So I will simply say start new collection. Automatically, by default, it will put today's date. But it doesn't really tell me, after three or five days, I wouldn't even know what that is.

So let's give it a proper name. A proper name would be this has to do with TDLS project that I'm working on. Or for the next couple of days, today and tomorrow, I may need to access it again and again. Or things that you want to collect that your other workshops, the presenters from other workshops, they have shared some links with you and you have collected them. Instead of having them as your bookmarks, you can simply mark it as TDLS 2022 and then have all these links open up here.

And then add them, start collecting them, all the things that you have learned from these workshops at OTAN or anywhere else. So right now, I'm going to call it "TDLS 2022." And anything to do with TDLS, I will continue to put here. Right? So that is something you can do in terms of collection.

Why don't I show you my ready-made or work-related collections that I have done? Every day, five days a week, I come to work. But every day, 5 days a week, I have to use these 10 items. So instead of every time I open Microsoft Edge browser-- oops. Quickly. Hold on. Let me quickly open. Sorry. I closed it.

OK. So I'm going to go back and share the Microsoft Edge again. I am back to Microsoft Edge. Every day, I come to work and I get this blank page. Right? It doesn't really have anything, but I don't want to reopen the 10 tabs that I have to use every single day. All I have to do would be I will go to collections. Simply go to my work. You click on work.

As you can see, I have these pages collected. I use every single day. I am not going to click one by one. No way. I'm not going to do it. I want Microsoft Edge to do the job for me.

This is what you will do. The three dots in that collections page, you simply click on the three dots. You say open all. Once I click open all, all my 10 tabs that I use every single day will be all lined up up there. I would like to pause for a second to see what I have on chat. OK. All right. Are we good or is there any question or should I stop?

Speaker 2: There aren't any questions in the chat. But if anyone does have a question, feel free to raise your hand or come off mute.

Farzana Cassim: All right. If not, I will continue then. OK. Thanks. OK. So as you can see, I have all these 10 tabs open. And if you look at the 10, of course our district requires that we sign in again and again. That's not the problem. Right? We can still go ahead and sign in. Things that I need to have, all these things, these are every single day that I have to use. OK?

So things like that I'm working on, a website, or anything that I need. So all these things are here. And once I don't need it, I can just close them. Not close them. I collapse them. But that is next slide, which I will explain.

So let's go back to the collections that I was talking about. So you don't have to retype the same websites again and again, because you already have all these collections ready for you. So I have two different jobs at my work. So work-related, this work is for all the things that I do every day. And this one is for Monday and Wednesday only.

So if I go to this again, I only have these five items for that Monday- and Wednesday-only job. Again, I simply go to the three dots, open all, voila. And those websites will be open for me right there, and I don't have to dig through any of this information. I don't have to retype. I don't have to memorize. One-time deal only. So that is something collections can do. Oh, I got three chats. [laughing] Thank you.

OK. So let me go to the next one in here. Let's go back here. So sorry about that. Can you all see the slide called "Productivity"? Yes. Yes, very good. Microsoft Edge wants you to be more productive, as if we are not productive enough. Right? So they are always focusing on productivity, and I always love to be productive, too.

So I am going to tell you, if you wish to be more productive or these little things may not be big deal, but the habit that you do will come in handy for you. Those are a second or millisecond type of things, but these habits that you learn can be very productive for you. Yes, you've got a raised hand?

Speaker 2: Hi. Yeah. Sorry. I just wanted to bring your attention, there was a quick question in the chat from Druci. And she wanted to know, was that a spreadsheet that is in the cloud or a regular document?

Farzana Cassim: It's off in the cloud. Right? The spreadsheet, as long as you are logged in, imagine Google Sheet, imagine all these Google Docs that you have to work, you logged in. If you are logged in, oh, yes, you have access to it right there. Amazing. Right? I always loved that. Yep. Yep. All cloud.

OK. So this one is called "Productivity." The first one would be Vertical Tabs. A Vertical Tabs, the icon looks like. This icon can be found if you are following along with me. Go ahead and quickly take a look at on your Microsoft Edge browser. It will always stay on the top left corner of your window. Yes, on your browser window. If you were to click on it like this, can you see my overlaying Microsoft Edge browser on top? I think so. Right?

Speaker 2: We can see it, yes.

Farzana Cassim: Right here, that browser will allow you to turn on Vertical Tabs. So I'm going to show you, as you can see, I've got so many tabs on the top. I don't even know which one is which. I have to go through it one by one like this. Instead, you can simply click on Turn on Vertical Tabs. And if you want to quickly see, now you have more words to look at than the top bar.

So that's what the Vertical Tab does. And if you are not comfortable using it, I will be very truthful, I pretty much know what I need. So I don't really open more than 5 or 10 tabs. So in that case, I don't really like to use Vertical Tabs. But I still wanted you to know it is possible to use it. Next one-- yes?

Speaker 2: You have a question in the chat.

Farzana Cassim: Yes.

Speaker 2: Toiby would like to know if Edge integrates well with Google.

Farzana Cassim: Yes, it does. Because this Microsoft Edge is Chromium browser we call it, it means it's Chrome-based. So because Microsoft knows that the whole world likes to use Google Chrome, so they made this Chrome-based browser. That's, yes, a very good question. Thank you. It's called "Chromium-based browser." Microsoft Edge is known as "Chromium-based." So that's why, if you say, oh, I only use Microsoft Edge, there are some Chrome users will be really offended. So just tell them, no, no, I'm still loyal to Google Chrome. All right?

So next one I briefly showed you what's called "Group Tabs." Those of you who use multiple tabs and then you like to have all these multiple tabs but you want to organize more, now would be the time to learn this Group Tabs. As you can see here, I have grouped three items, three different ones.

One has to do with work-related, which I showed you the 10 tabs I have. Then the other one has to do it, at the time of the screenshot, I was working on Edge browser. I was creating these gathering information and websites and whatnot. All these things were all collected under this Edge browser. If I were to click on that Edge browser, all the websites that I was collecting Edge browser related info, they will all expand.

And then, of course, I was listening to some music and there are a couple of music I wanted to listen while I was working, so I had that as well.

So why not show you this? So if you look at Microsoft Edge browser, as you can see on the top, do you see work tab? If I click on it, it collapsed. Right? It collapsed. Then if I click on ESL registration, it expands or it collapsed. Right? So because of that reason, you can group them.

So if you group and then you want to add more and more and more tabs, whatever else that you want to add, go for it. You can just continue to do it. And some of those items, maybe briefly, you just want to go briefly to a website and that's it. You're done with it. Simply close it, and you are back to your Group Tabs. When you get to Group Tabs, the question is, well, how do I group them? This is how you will do. So for example, I am going to get all the news websites, CNN, msn.com.

Two now. Right? Then I have a msnbc.com. Then I have the next one, foxnews.com. I think the name is correct? I don't know. I think. So there are four. Right? So I have one, two, three, four, four websites. But I want to group them as news, so you simply click on the first tab.

And then you press Shift button on your keyboard and click on the last tap, so skip the MSN and MSNBC. You go straight to the last tab, which is Fox News on my screen. So I'm pressing Shift now and pressing Fox News. You may not see it clearly, but these four are highlighted now, sort of selected.

All you have to do now is right-click, and then you can say add tabs to group. All you have to do is select new group, and you simply type the name that you want to give, "News."

While you type the name, why not select a color? Whatever color you would like. OK. I would like this purple-ish color, and I now have a purple color. You don't like this color? Change it. Whatever you want. So your Group Tabs are color-coded as well as named. Right? So once you finish with it and what if you like these websites you have? You want to listen to it every single time, every day. Simply add tab group to a new collection. You see that?

So you can reuse that new collections, there you go. So once I do that, let's check it out I have it under collections. It's called "News," and I have it up here. Now, I don't need this news anymore. I can simply close the group. Gone. That's all. You created a group tab, and you can now focus on your work-related stuff or your personal things that you're working on. Right? That is Group Tabs feature.

The next one, any questions? Chat? Is there a time limit for how long it will see collections? No, it's yours. You decide when you want to delete, Jennifer. No, it is you. You decide that. I love this question. Thank you very much. Let me quickly show it to you. It is very important. I skipped that one. This is what you will do.

Let's say you look at your collections and you say, I no longer need this. Actually, I already went to Switzerland. I'm done with it. I don't have anything to do with this Switzerland anymore. Can you all see a little box? You simply click way on the top. It gives you Delete. You simply delete it. You don't need it? You delete it. That's fine. But, of course, once you delete it, it's all gone. Right? So you simply click Delete, and you can quickly undo it if you wish to. That's all.

For now, I'm going to leave it, because I have a few more things that I want to check again later on. Right? So that's what you can do, absolutely. No, Susan. There is no byte limit or anything. It has to do with Microsoft browser. No, these are just collections. It does not take up so much space. All right? So this is good. Next, can I continue? Everything good? OK. All right.

Speaker 2: Yes.

Farzana Cassim: Very good. Next one is this. Do you notice nowadays you-- not notice, you may already be doing it. You have teachers and students taking online classes. Right? They have to fill out some worksheets. And we, as teachers, we have to sign it. Submit this paperwork and that paperwork. Did you know Microsoft Edge browser has built-in PDF right in there in your browser?

It is so cool, especially when we don't have professional Adobe PDF or we don't need to do detail work. But we just need to quickly fill out some form, quickly go and sign in, do stuff. Right? If that is the case, this is what you can do.

So for example, let's say you open a Microsoft Edge browser and you need to go to a PDF or a worksheet and you look for a website with the sample. Let's call this "sample job." What is it called? I just had that. Application. Right? Application letter. Because I don't want to take you to other pages, so I'm going to just simply type "PDF."

So if you type the last word "PDF," anything to do with a PDF will pop up. Yeah, something like this. So did you see the little PDF? It means not a website. It is a PDF, which you can either download or which you can access. Yeah? So I want to take you there. So for example, let's take a look at this one. Let's see what they have. So this looks like five pages long.

And let's imagine yourself, you need to sign somewhere and you just have to do something. Or this is for you as teachers. Right? So if you need to, here we go. Here's your Draw button. Click on the little Draw button. Make it a little thicker, as thick as you want, your pen thickness. Right?

Select black or blue. Those are the standard color for signing your signature or creating your signature. Right? Or whatever you want to do, you can do that. Of course, we cannot really do a lot of signing with the Draw button. But if you want, all you can do is download Microsoft Edge browser on your cell phone, access the same PDF, and then voila. You can still do that. You can still save it.

But what if you want to do this? You have your students trying to fill out a form, want to do a mock job application. Here you go, add text. Simply click on Add Text. Come down with the little mouse. It says "last name." What is the last name? You're going to type "Cassim." That's my last name. Here we go. I go to first name. I type "Farzana." Here, you just added two texts.

What if you want to change the color? Simply click inside one of the letters. Change it to black. Make it smaller. Here we go, smaller, smaller, bigger, bigger. You decide what you want. Some of the applications requires that you increase the text spacing or closer, whichever you want. All these things. You make a boo-boo? No problem. Simply click on Delete button. You start all over again. This is a sample that I am showing you.

Of course, there are different ESL worksheets, academic worksheets, stuff like that. Right? You can make your students confident without having to worry about, teacher, I don't have PDF, I don't know how to do this. No. Simply tell them download Microsoft Edge on your either cell phone or your tablet or your laptop. Open the PDF directly in that web browser. You do what you have to do. No problem.

You want to save your stuff? Right here, there is a Save button. You simply click on the Save button. You give any name you want. As you can see here, I have been doing all these things. I put the student's name, the ID number. I have all these things. I used these things, Microsoft Edge browser, and I saved these things. So whenever I need to refer back to a particular student, I say, ah, yes, I remember working with her. But I don't remember what I did.

I have all these things ready for me to retrieve, because I saved them. You want to print right away? Go print it. No problem. These are the things that you can do within Microsoft Edge browser. If I don't want to save, all I have to do is simply close it. If I click Close, watch what it says. "Changes you have made may not be saved." At this time, I don't.

But if you do want, all you have to do is cancel and save whatever you wish to save. Right? Your doodles. So all I have to do now is I don't need it. I will simply leave, and I am done with this part. Right? So you can view, edit, share PDFs right from the Microsoft Edge browser. That's what I just went over. So any questions? Am I going so fast? Are you guys OK? I get so excited, so that's why. I'm sorry.

Speaker 2: You're doing great. There is one quick question. It looks like Argie asked, when you save it, I'm assuming it is not open to the public and it is stored within your login.

Farzana Cassim: Excellent question. That's right. So can you tell me what you see? Let's go in here, I believe. Yes, that's good. OK. So here we go. One try, where was I? I was going to-- because I really have to show you. Because where you saved is, yes, you're right, it is so important. I wanted to show-- what did I do? Did I put you in here?

Because that is really important. The doodles, the things that you have saved can be found. Depends on where you saved, actually, of course. Why couldn't I remember? Oh, I do remember. Here we go. These files, you see? I'm going to show you this is the PDF that I saved, right here. I wanted to tell the students, this is your ID number. This is what you're going to have to-- oops. One second.

Here we go. I wrote some little notes. I highlighted them. I say what it is. Do you see how quickly I do all these things using that Edge browser? So you can make it into it. You can screenshot it. You can do a screenshot, or you can just simply save it as PDF. It will always be PDF, so you can just save it and you can always retrieve it. It is sitting in your computer unless otherwise you specifically say, I want to save it in Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or so on and so forth. Yeah?

Did I answer your question, Argie? I think yes. OK. Yes, you can get a copy of my presentation. And if you don't mind, leave your email address. You can private chat with the host, and then I will definitely send it out to you. We are good?

OK. Since we are talking about tabs and the groups and all these things, as you noticed that, when I was showing you these tabs, all these tabs, when I was showing you, some of these tabs are taking up the space. What? No. They are taking up our memory, system memory. So if you have 20 and 30 tabs open and you don't want these to be taking up your resources, memory, or anything, this is what you can do.

You simply go to Settings, which I'm going to show you. Settings. And then you click on System. If you are following along with me, you can follow that. You go to Settings. You click on System. And here is the system. Hold on. Let me make it bigger. Not this one, wrong one.

I want to take you back to this one. Yes. I click on Settings. You click on System here. Optimize performance. What it does is this. If you know there are certain tabs you may not be using, you can come in here and say, if I don't touch these tabs for the next two hours, I need you to put them to sleep. So they all take a nap over here until you go back and click on it.

So if I were to make it 30 seconds, as you can see, I don't know if you can see it or not, but here is what you can see. If you look at my top area here, they look a little bit lighter. Of course, you should test it on your own computer. But if I click, move around, you will see they lit up. That's what it means. They were sleeping, because I did not use them for 30 seconds. So it means you are not taking up any memory or system resources.

So there was a question, is there a byte limit or what will happen? Will it take up too much of your memory or anything? Don't worry. This is only available in Microsoft Edge browser. You can simply mark to select whatever you want. So especially at the end of the day in your shift and you don't want to close any of these websites, you can simply say 6 hours of inactivity, 12 hours of inactivity if you wish.

Of course, if you don't want, you can always go back to collections and you can get that. Right? So that's something that you can do. I call it "put tabs to sleep." Nothing really but just enough if you are concerned about your resources being taken away, which means your resources from your system, your computer.

I would like to ask a question now. Those of you who regularly use or who occasionally use, do you know anything about web capture? I will wait for you to say yes, no, or I have used it with Google or something else. No? OK. All right. So web capture actually is part of Microsoft Edge browser. All you have to do is, when you receive my PowerPoint or PDF, all you have to do is look for this button.

Every time you see this button, please remember this menu will only be available if you right-click on your Microsoft Edge browser. Anywhere in your browser, this is how you would normally do. Let me change this. OK. Go back here, Edge browser. So this is what you will do. If I go to a web page here-- let me go to a good one.

All right. Let's see. I am on a page, and I like this picture. Gorgeous. I am so hungry. Is it lunchtime? It is lunchtime. And so let's say I want this screenshot. All you have to do is right-click, here we go. Web capture. We have web capture. So if I click web capture, it's going to give me two options. Capture the area means you decide which part, which image, which one. Or capture full image, that means the computer will-- I mean, you can get the whole full image. Right?

But I am interested in all these smoothies, so I will simply select capture area and I will click on here and drag it. This is what I want. That's all I want. And let's bring kiwi also. There we go. Now, I got it. If you look at bottom of my screen, you will get two part, two features, two options. That's right, like a snipping tool. With the snipping tool, you have to press a Window-Shift S on your computer. You have to do that? Fine, do it. No problem.

A lot of our students don't know. Right? So it is already built in for you, so Microsoft is taking over, seriously. But I am loving it anyway. So copy means you just simply copy that and put it in your Microsoft Word, your email, or whoever you want to send it right there. Right? Or what if you want to add some stuff? You want to put your little emoji or little drawing or something, we don't have a lot. Only draw.

I am sure, in the future, web capture may have more tools that people can use. So in this case, we'll be draw only. Again, you can draw. You can do whatever you wish to do, so let me select something. And then I like this one and then whatever that thing you want to do. You want to erase? Here we go. Or you want to add to your collections? Again, the collections are here. Right?

What if you are working on any very specific recipe and you want some pictures? Stuff like that, here we go. Add to collections. If you already have it, you can select or you can start new collection and that's it. You can go back to your collection over here on the top. You already have your smoothies. As you can see, I should change the name. I will call it "smoothies." I want smoothies idea. Right? So this is what I can have. So it is now in collections.

You don't need it anymore? You can simply close it or you can save it as an image. You simply click Save. It is now saved for you. And where is it? It will always be under Downloads. They will always go to under Downloads. Here it is. And you can call it "smoothies." Here we go. I have the image now. I can attach it. I can use it, reuse again and again and again, that way anyway I want. That is what web capture can do, your snipping tool. That's right. I like the term.

How about create a QR code? This is a question now. I know it may be very easy for you, but this is what I would like to know. Do you remember, the past few months, years ago, we had to go to generate our QR code generator website. You had to go to free QR code generator this and that. Right? You go to a website. You start looking for it. You have to copy the web link. You go in there, and you have to do that.

Have you guys done that type of QR code, go to a website to get a QR code? Have you done that before? Like you have to go to a website, specifically to a website, they will do the QR code for you? Oh, no. Yes, you have done that. So if you've done that, it means such a pain.

That's right, Susan. That's right. It is a pain. You have to go to a website. And there were many companies. They are selling. They want you to sign up for it. They have to do all this. That's right. It expires. Oh, my God. I have pain.

Here we go with this Microsoft Edge browser. You don't need to. You simply go to the web page you like, right-click, especially when you have a YouTube link you want to send your students. Right? Can you imagine YouTube link has like 30,000 characters in there, you don't even know what to even type?

There we go. Go to your YouTube link, whatever video that you like. You go and right-click on the same page as YouTube pages. You click Create QR code for this page.

Why don't we go ahead and do that right now? I go to a YouTube page. Here we go, I am on a YouTube page. I want to share this iconic classical music. I open it, and here is the link. Right? Way on the top. I simply click on the link. Sorry. Sorry. I don't need to click on the link. I take it back. I will come back here.

This is the video I want my students to see. I will simply do this, right-click, Create QR code for this page, here is the little QR icon. I get it, voila. If anyone wants to scan it now with your cell phone, you will get this music right on your cell phone now. If you wish, I'll leave it up for you for a second or two. You see? You can either copy this or download it.

For me, I would download it, because this is my QR code now. It will not expire. I can use it a million times again and again. This is yours, and that is cool. Don't you think it's cool? QR code right in there for you in that Microsoft Edge browser. All right. Here we go. Any questions? I don't see any questions on the chat. OK.

OK. What would be the advantage of sharing the QR code over sharing a link, provided the link isn't too long? Oh, that's fine. If a link is like just msn.com, it's like six, seven characters. Right? That's it. So you can do that. You don't need to go ahead and do that. But the link that I showed you in my YouTube, if you look at it, watch how many characters are going.

That's a lot of characters right there. And so if any of our students type it wrong or sometimes you copy and then students mistakenly miss the last letter or they erase it by mistake, there it goes. The link will no longer work. So due to that reason, you might want to use a QR code. Do you notice there is a little QR code right there? Right there where I am pointing, way on the top.

So if you don't want to do right-click, any web page can be made into QR code. Just to let you know, any web page can be made into a QR code. So here, as soon as you click in the address bar, it will become a QR code. If I go in here, as soon as you click in, you get a QR code. So if you don't want to make a right-click and QR code, you can simply go up there.

But I have a habit of using right-click, so that's one of the reasons I wanted you to right-click. Because any time you want to do something or if you are in doubt, right-click, That's my motto. All right. Can I continue? Any questions? Let me see. OK. Yes, the music is really great. I don't like listening to music. When I am really stressed, I listen to this. So that's one of the reasons I am sharing it.

Here is this, this one is nothing really productive or anything but those of you who want to personalize your web pages. So for example, if I were to open a new tab every single day, every time I click on a new tab, that's all I will see my blank page. I like it blank page, because I know where I'm going. But if you like to read news or anything, you simply click on this little Settings button.

And you can change to other layouts if you want to read some news, some information on stuff, some inspirational stuff, something that you want to focus on. You can change any layout. For me, I only like this custom-made page, because I need to focus. I am at work. Right? So in that case, this is where you can leave it at. But let's go and change it to focused. Focus, what it does is-- here we go. Hold on.

OK. At least let's go to inspirational. I think I was already on focused. Inspirational. The image background is so gorgeous, I just wanted to Google this one to go and visit there. I don't know where that is. Right? And then you have all these news, weather, something else is happening. I don't know why it looks inspirational and nothing looks inspirational except for the background that I. Have these are a little bit sad to read.

But anyway, here is some food. It makes me so excited about it. Yes, it may be inspirational now. How our information are, similar to the previous one, but it has more news and stuff. Right? So any layout you want you can change it. That is page layout. This has nothing to do with any productivity. But at least, it's there for you, those of you who want to customize or personalize your Microsoft--

[phone ringing]

--Edge browser. So sorry. I am in an office, so that is the reason. All right. So let's go back here, personalize your new page with page layout. You don't need to go any further. Just open a tab. You will see the little Setting button. You click on it. You will have four options or three options, and you select what you want. That's all it is. You decide if you want to personalize your new page or not.

Read aloud. How many of you know about read aloud? May I have yes or no or something, please? Yes? OK. All right. So read aloud, especially-- yes, really great. That's right. Especially, I don't know about others, your work or your employment, but my work, I have a lot of students. My student population is all ESL students.

And seriously, it really helps, especially when they want to hear the pronunciation or something. Not that great, but still because Microsoft is improving. As you know there is no such thing as all done type. So this is what it is. Yes, read aloud is, if you go to a web page and while you're working and you really don't have much time to read but you still want to listen, so this is what you can do.

So what if I go to my collections back? I have news. Right? I have all these news. I want to open MSNBC only and then I want to listen. Not listen as in video or audio. OK? I want to read an article, but I don't want to sit down and read those articles. But I want computer to read it for me. OK. So let's see what I should do.

Let's click on this. Here we go. I have an article here. I don't want to read. I am working on another project or another app or another program. I will simply right-click. Here is read aloud. So if I click on Read Aloud Now-- let me see. Share sound. All right. Let's go again.

So here is the Play button on the top, Read Aloud. It means you are in the Read Aloud mode. Not in the regular website mode but in a Read Aloud mode, it tells you there. And here is the Play button, Forward, and then Rewind and voice options. So right now, Microsoft David is selected.

You can select several other voices that you want to test, or you can have it slow if you have students who need to listen read aloud. I mean, do the read aloud. Each individual student, ask them to go to this or that website. They can all customize it here. So here, normal or fast. Of course, fast will be really fast. Let's stick with normal for now and let's play.

Speaker 3: Lance Demo has single and co-op options, meaning a friend can join in on the limited-time Kirby experience.

Farzana Cassim: Did you hear it?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Farzana Cassim: Yes, that's right. So that is read aloud. That's all it is. So you can change anything, any voice options as you want. So there is nothing much for you to memorize or anything. It's right there. The only thing you must remember is, as soon as you click Read Aloud, make sure you look at the top bar where I am pointing now. The top bar is where it tells you you are in the Read Aloud mode. If you want to get out of this Read Aloud mode, simply close the mode.

Yes. Can you do this with a PDF? Actually, Yes. So PDF as in the PDF has to be open from Microsoft Edge browser.

OK. Let's go back to worksheets for PDF. Right? So let's see. Am I doing? That's right. That's right, Dr. Toiby. It's true. So let's see. Worksheets PDF. Let's just do that.

Oh, just to let you know, even though Microsoft, if they hear it, they will really hate me I love almost everything about Microsoft. I hate Bing. Just for the record, I know it's being recorded. I want to repeat it again. I hate Bing. OK. So just so you all agree. I cannot stand it. Oh, worksheets. Can you imagine how I have to come down to this? PDF, there you go. So let's just say here you have a PDF. Let's look for a PDF, a good one, I hope.

Oh, why can't I get a PDF? Didn't I have one before? They should have one before. We'll see. So sometimes, I can get PDF with that way. So anything that you want to open, let's just open this one again. Here is a PDF. You see? Right? This is a PDF. I can do the read aloud.

Speaker 3: Part i, exercises, one. Exercise one, simple present sentences AMR is one.

Farzana Cassim: Do you see it? It reads it for you. Of course, this one is not that great. But still, it reads it for you, so it is really great tool if you want to use it. That's right. You read the words. That's right. Yes, thank you. Thank God I've got a group of people who hate Bing like me, so good. I hope that I answered your question about read aloud.

Since we're talking about read aloud, read aloud and Immersive Reader. the truth to be told, they are totally two different one, but you can reuse the same screen. For example, if I were to bring you back here, read aloud, some websites will have read aloud as well as immersive reading. So if I take you back to this page, do you remember that we were doing a read aloud on this page, Kirby experience?

But this time, what I want your attention is Immersive Reader. What it does is this. It lets you read more comfortably with Immersive Reader, clutter-free. We call it "clutter-free." Because when you go to a website, for example like this, which I'm going to show you, as you can see, I've got advertisement, ad choices, things I may have looked through before. God knows what else. Right? All these things.

But all I want to do is read this article. I want my students to read the articles. All you have to do is, if that website, whatever the page you are on, please remember this note I am about to say, if the web page allows you to have an Immersive Reader, it will tell you on the top. As you can see, it says "Enter Immersive Reader." That little open book with the speaker icon, that tells you this page can be used as Immersive Reader.

Watch what happens. Wow. Isn't it neat? The whole article is right here, especially when you have students that you want them to focus. Please focus only on reading this. I want you to take notes. I want you to do this or that, whatever. No more advertisement. No more things that I looked before, anything at all. Just simply here. Now, you want to make use of your read aloud? Here is your read aloud again. Click on Read Aloud

Speaker 3: Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Wild Mode Guide.

Farzana Cassim: You see that? So it reads it for you. Immersive Reader is right there. Both of them, two in one. So how do you get Immersive Reader? You have three choices. Well, actually two choices. You can simply-- no, actually, you still have three choices. One, you can click on shortcut F9 or right-click on any page. You can look for open in Immersive Reader or simply look for this icon on your address bar.

That's why I mentioned the address bar in the beginning of my workshop, so you can easily find it. Remember, not all web pages will allow you to have Immersive Reader, so please note. Any questions? You guys are very quiet. I hope I am not boring you to sleep. You are all good? How am I doing with time? Can you tell me please?

Speaker 2: Yes. You're doing great on time. It's 11:20, and we have until quarter till.

Farzana Cassim: OK. Very good. Thank you. All right. So next one I want to show you is this. I did not show you on the web page on the browser, but I want you to look at it together first. Look at these together first. OK? When you are in immersive mode on an article, you are in an immersive mode, you want your students to start reading it or read aloud or whatever, you will see this particular bar. This bar has items.

What are the features? Text preferences, grammar tools, reading preferences. The truth to be told, most of the grammar tools are not that great yet. I'm sure they are fixing. Or perhaps when they were creating these grammar tools or this particular feature, they did not invite teachers like us or like you to be part of the creation because they have a lot of mistakes in these parts of speech and stuff.

We came across with that issue when I was doing a workshop on the same topic. So for example, I am now in immersive mode. I will quit the read aloud, because I want to get to text preferences, grammar tools, and reading preferences that I just showed you on my PowerPoint. If you were to click on Grammar Tools, as you can see, you can turn on nouns only.

Your students, if you want them to focus on nouns on this particular article, you can decide what color you want nouns to be, green color. All the nouns should turn on. If you want the students to focus on adjectives, you can change the color. Turn it on. They will only focus on the adjectives. So like I mentioned before, last workshop I had, one of the teachers or attendees mentioned a great point, that there are lots of mistakes in there.

So you might want to read the article first. You might want to curate first and see what is what. Right? So all these parts of speech, you might want to be mindful of the article may have. So I mentioned it to you, the bad side of it. Of course, they will always fix it but just letting you know. Yes? Any question? Druci, you good? OK. All right.

So now, next one is text preferences. As you can see, I deliberately made it large, so I can show it to you. Here we go. You can make it smaller, medium size, or you can make it text spacing, change the font, make it center. You want in this color or you want it in black and white, black background with a white font or white background a the black font. Right?

You be the owner of this immersive reading. Right? So you have a lot of preferences that you can do. Line focus. If you have students with some issues, then you can make sure you ask them to change one at a time. So they can only focus on one at a time, one line at a time. Not one sentence but one line at a time.

And here is the picture dictionary. Let's take a look at the picture dictionary. They're not that great. But still, it's good. I don't know if there is a picture in any of this. Yes. As you can see, it says "path." If I click, it shows a little path. So what if I click on something forest? "Forest" means this picture. Some of them are not that great, as I mentioned before. So you can make use of any of these things.

And I would really suggest, if you are interested in using it or if you say, you know what? All I care out of this workshop is-- that's why. Only one immersive reading. That's all you wanted? Just do that. If you don't learn the rest of the tools from me, I'm fine. But just learn this one. Make use of it with your students. Take a few minutes of your time to learn it.

You will find out some of your students will love this, because it helps them with their learning, with their school. So please sit down with them, do a in-class lesson. I use that term from Burlington English. I love that, "in-class lesson." Do, sit down with them. Hey, today, we are going to look at this article. These are the things we can do. You decide what you want. They can do anything they want with that. Yes? So that is something I really suggest that you do. So let me go back. Any chats? We are good.

I only have couple of more slides to go. If you don't have any questions, I will continue with this. This is not that big deal, but it is in a way big deal. Nowadays, as you know-- that's right, Jennifer. Sorry about that. Line focus is great for vision problems, for, oh, yes, dyslexia. That's correct. A really, really great tool. Some days, my eyes are very tired. I use that a lot on my iPad, so that's good.

So let's get back to this slide. It says it's privacy, in private browsing. There are times that you don't want to leave trace. Of course, any time. If you're at work, you just want to check out some Amazon shopping list or something, whatever that you are doing, and you want you don't want to leave a trace. I don't know how 100% proved that is or not.

But for now, I like it. I will tell you why I like it. I like to travel a lot. When I travel, before I travel, I would-- that's right, Druci. Incognito Mode, I think Google termed that one, I think. Right? Or private mode. When would you like to use this? Of course, any time you want to. But for me, this is how I use it. I check ticket prices. I check hotel bookings. Right?

I check all these. I do reservations and stuff like that. Especially with ticket prices, I wanted to know about what is happening, how much in each site. I use this new and private window. Because if I do that, I only go to this website. For example, I just went to Switzerland. So I go to swissair.com Switzerland whatever. Right? I go in there with new private window. When I do that, other Google or Microsoft Bing or whoever, they do not know what I checked.

For example, the price of the ticket would be $1,247. So you mark in your head, you said it's $1,247. You close it. Then you go to another website, maybe United Airlines, American Airlines, or whatever. You go in there. You look for the ticket for Switzerland through American Airlines or United Airlines or whatever else. Right?

You go in there, and you find the ticket price is $1,480. So what's happening is this. I don't know what they know each other or not. I really don't know. But you, as a customer user, they don't know that you just look at $1,200 and the other website tells $1,400. And nobody knows that I am looking for Switzerland ticket.

And doesn't matter. This price has nothing to do with it. But if you were not using in private window, what happens is-- because I tested it live. I mean, I have tested it several times like that for all the countries that I have gone to. If you don't use it, what happens is this hike up your prices. Seriously. Not a joke. I was just looking at in private window, it says $1,247.

As soon as I turned off that in-private window and I went to American Airlines and it says $1,480. And if I would now go ahead and type in, and Switzerland airline would say $1,480 or around that number, $1,400, $1,500, $1,600, whatever it is. Exact same ticket. Exact same time frame.

I was looking at in new, and private window has changed to the other one. So in private, I am not saying it's 100% foolproof, but this is how I have been getting my tickets in private window and nobody has to know if I was looking for Switzerland tickets or not at work or at home or in my laptop or wherever.

That is the reasons. I hope I give you a very strong reason why I ask you to do the in-private window. If you want to shop something and you don't want them to keep tracking you or if you don't want them to hike up the prices, now is the time for you to use in-private window. All right? So that's pretty much it. And of course, on the screen, you have been reading, I bet.

Your browsing data, such as cookies, browsing history, and passwords, will not be saved on your device after you are done. So that's pretty good. Right? So anyone can tell me that you have used in-private window for any reason or you have anything to share? Oh, thank you. Dr. Toiby, that's right. Yes, I travel a lot. Yeah, I always do that. And new in-private window is the best for me, yeah. All right. No chats.

Speaker 2: There is one that we missed earlier, and I apologize. Susan asked if the Immersive Reader, when you were discussing that, can the teacher create a page look and then share that link with the student? So can they customize that Immersive Reader look and then share that link?

Farzana Cassim: True. You can do it if you are doing an in-class lesson, so yes. So like this. You want this article. You want this article together and you decide, you create, you choose your preferences, whatever this is the one you want them to focus on, verbs today. And then you want them to just-- that's all you want. And also, you want to do something, you go ahead and do that. And then, of course, you can read it together, and this is what you're sharing, in-class lesson with your Zoom sharing or with your projector or document camera or anything that you want. That's one thing you can do.

Or if you are sharing individual one to your students, I don't think there is anything that you save it as. The only thing I can think of is is this. This is what you can do if you are interested in. This is the article. You want your students to focus on the verbs. You want the students to have black background with the white fonts with the purple. Is it purple? Yes, it's purple. After looking at too many different colors, I can't really see. Purple verbs.

And then this is what you really like, you want them to focus. This is what you can do. Go to three dots. Click Print. Oh, unfortunately, it doesn't do. So if it doesn't, that was one thing I was thinking. Or if not, what else can we do? There should be a PDF. Save it as PDF or something like that.

But Immersive Reader usually is to make it interactive for the particular person, so it's individual person thing. It's not for everyone. It's one size fits all. We want to make it-- oh, this is a good one. Yeah. We want to make it personalized, so that's one reason Immersive Reader is very popular.

OK. I like what Druci said. Can you create a QR code? Let's go in here, right-click. And if you look at it, that QR code option is not given. You see that? So if it is not given, then there it goes. So if you really like this pattern, you can do a few things, though. This is my last resort. I will look at it. I am going to do a screenshot. Or you see, I can do a web capture here.

If I do the web capture, of course, you may have to do a little cropping. This is one crop you can do. You copy. Right? And then you go and open-- of course, a little stitching need to be done, so I'm going to show you Microsoft Word. I am coming back here. So here is something you can do. I just copied and pasted it. Right? We learned those tools before, so this is one thing that you can do.

And then you go to the next page, which is maybe around here. Here is another stitch I'm going to do. You can right-click again, web capture, which I just showed you a few slides ago. And you can have it here again. Copy, go back to your Microsoft Word, and let's do another stitch.

So this is something you can do, and you can print it out. You can send it as a PDF or Word or something. That's the only option. I've got. Oh, did I just stop sharing? That's the only I've got. Yeah. OK. All right, Susan. Thank you. So that's it. And let me see what my last one is.

Let's go back down here. Last one is security tracking prevention. Those of you who don't want to use in-private window, it's a hassle for you. Actually, it's not a hassle. Just right-click on the Edge browser icon, and you can just go straight to in-private mode without having to close all your regular tabs. So this security tracking prevention can be found under Settings. The Settings are the three dots that I mentioned in the beginning of the workshop.

The three dots are located on the top of your Microsoft Edge browser. So this is it, the three dots right next to my picture. Of course, it will be your picture or your profile picture. Right? Top of the Edge browser window. Three dots, you click on it. You click on Settings, and then you go to the Security. So let's go in here. Sorry, you go to the privacy search and services. So here, I am back to Microsoft Edge browser, privacy search and services.

You can decide whatever you want. I selected balanced. Please look through these. These are important. And if you put it all strict, my major worry is this. Part of sites might not work if you put it in as a strict mode. But if you leave it as balanced, blocks trackers from the site you haven't visited. Right? Or sites will work as expected. And this one also said, sites will work as expected and then it also blocks known harmful trackers.

So that's something that you might want to have it as balanced. So if you are following along with me or if you wish to start using Microsoft Edge browser, I really recommend that you check your privacy search and services and select balanced. I believe that's all from me.