Alisa Takeuchi: Hello, my name is Alisa Takeuchi and I am an ESL teacher at Garden Grove Adult education. My experience with DLAC helped transform our agency into a more efficient, cost effective, strength leading school. I applied to DLAC with my director Melissa Paterson, and I can't recommend it enough. At the time, she was a new director in adult education. And although, it was a lot of work, what we got out of this experience far outweighs the time spent in the past two years.

We needed and wanted to do many things at our school. And the ideal one on one course guided us to focus on our priorities and make the most of our time by creating a strategic plan. The most amazing thing that was a direct result of DLAC was that we re-marketed our brand and saved over $30,000 to use in other areas of need. We bought new laptops for all teachers, our 360 cameras, and a beautiful marquee. DLAC helped us to succeed at becoming a better agency. Thank you.