Narrator: The California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance supports adult education programs in effective technology integration and provides strategies to build educator and system capacity focused on digital learning. Guidance overview. This video provides an overview of the guidance and addresses the impact of digital learning and technology on adult education.

DR. CAROLYN ZACHRY: Hello, I'm Dr. Carolyn Zachry. And I am the education administrator and state director for the California Department of Education overseeing the Adult Education Office. The guide goes into focusing on how to ensure accessibility using universal design for students in online instruction.

It talks about EdTech tools that can be used. And it gives teachers a real primer in what they need for ensuring students have success in their online instruction. And it also gives administrators sort of a guideline for what they need to do to ensure that they have options for different types of instruction within their adult school.

Adult educators are looking for a roadmap that will help them to continue what they have put into place over the last two years. This guide will help reinforce areas of strength that they have seen and they've been able to adapt. But the guide will also give them additional tools to ensure that they're meeting students accessibility needs, that they are looking at other ways of instruction.

Perhaps they're used to doing synchronous only, and they're going to dive into that idea of doing something asynchronously. That's where I really think this guide will help those educators throughout the state of California to move beyond what they've been doing and to make it part of their normal practice of using technology and online instruction.

Narrator: Development of the guidance was made possible by the California Department of Education, Adult Education Office through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Title II funds. The videos were produced by the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network at Sacramento County Office of Education in partnership with the International Society for Technology and Education.

To find more resources for implementing digital learning in adult education, please visit the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network website at

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