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Olivia Millan: What brought me to Corona-Norco Adult School was the desire to have a sense of accomplishment. I noticed that, in my life, I was missing that.

Christina Hyatt: Adult education is extremely important. It's about equity. It doesn't have to be, you failed the first time, you're a failure for life.

DR.CAROLYN ZACHRY: Adults who are coming back to school are coming back with a purpose, and they're coming back because they want to be there. The challenges that adult education has had with curriculum in the past is that you may be looking for something that's a very low level literacy for an adult to read, and the content is very childish.

Neda Anasseri: For adult ed, we have a limited funding. So we are looking for free resources that are quality content that are accessible to learners anywhere, and we were able to see that CK-12 does offer quality and free at the same time.

Christina Hyatt: I didn't have to go back to my school and ask if there was budget for it. I could bring it to my students that same day.

Olivia Millan: CK-12 was a really fun program to use. I felt like it kept me motivated. While working on the program, it sends you messages of encouragement.

Christina Hyatt: One of the things I've noticed with CK-12 is when they go into those high stakes equivalency exams, they're better prepared-- they pass with higher scores.

Olivia Millan: With my graduation coming around the corner, I have to remind myself, you did it. You earned it.

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