Speaker 1: Welcome to the California Adult Education Online Application and Reporting Website. On this site, you will be able to submit many of your WIOA Title II Grant Deliverables. You will need a username and password to proceed. If you do not have a login name and password, you will need to call OTAN support at 916-228-2580 or you can fill out this email request form.

Simply click on this link and a form will open up. Fill in your name, the name of your agency, an email address, a telephone number, your preferred method of communication, and what you are looking to access on the website.

Please add a description. Your description could be as simple as, I need my username and password. When you are done, click Send, and an email will be sent to our OTAN support box.

Speaker 2: Thank you. And as a reminder, OTAN supports California Adult Education agencies who are integrating, improving, and maintaining technology use in the classroom.