Narrator: Welcome to OTAN, your Outreach and Technical Assistance Network.

Susan Coulter: I am excited to share with you EdReady. EdReady is a personalized math and English readiness learning system that evaluates the skills of each student in the context of their goal. And then provides a learning pathway to mastery. EdReady supports an accelerated math and English readiness. EdReady began as a free math readiness system to prepare students for college math placement exams.

There are now more than 200 individual learning pathways in math and English, tailored to specific career goals. This is the back end of EdReady Management System. As you can see, there are numerous pre-loaded scopes or learning goals that are already set up. Let's take a look.

Your students will first have to sign up for an EdReady account. If you just want to preview the site, select Enter As Guest in the bottom right-hand corner. You will need to enter a zip code. This is where your students will sign up for your learning goal by entering a key. This will enable you to track your students' progress.

Students are then asked to take a diagnostic test to determine gaps in their understanding. When they finish, they will see their results and units they should study. The units will differ depending on the learning goal. Students can then view their personalized study path. Each unit is broken up into smaller topics. Students have the option to learn or to test. Students can test first. However, if they do not pass, they will be required to learn before testing again.

NROC lessons are broken up into these six parts. English lessons are a little different. Some lessons have several different resources to choose from. When a student feels they know the material, they can test for mastery. Once mastered, the topic disappears, and the score at the top moves closer to mastery. As an instructor, you are able to monitor their time in EdReady, time studying, and progress towards their goal.

OTAN supports agencies wanting to try EdReady with their students. They will set up teacher accounts and goals. All goals are private, meaning that each teacher's goals are assigned a goal key. That ensures the student is working on their teacher's goal. Be sure to contact OTAN for help setting up your account.

Narrator: Thank you. And as a reminder, OTAN supports California adult education agencies who are integrating, improving, and maintaining technology use in the classroom. Always stay informed by visiting the OTAN website at And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.