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Susan Coulter: NewseumED is a free website belonging to Newseum, a museum in Washington D.C. They are dedicated to the topics of news and history. The focus is on First Amendment rights and helping students develop critical thinking skills through thousands of lesson plans, videos, classes, digital artifacts, historical events, and critical debates.

NewseumED is a great way to build the critical thinking skills needed for our high school equivalency students. There are several different ways to explore NewseumED. First let's take a look at some resources by topics. There are six different topic areas, understanding the First Amendment, finding reliable facts, making historical connections, examining the powers of the press, navigating a religiously diverse society, and exercising my rights. One of my favorites is finding reliable facts. Let's take a look.

Inside there are numerous tools and techniques to evaluate information. This first one is a collection of resources that can be broken up into smaller units. Let's take a look at one lesson. At the top is a description of the activity, this lesson takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete and is appropriate for seventh grade through college level students.

There are step-by-step instructions and all the needed resources. At the bottom you will also find the related standards. Going back to the home page, I want to show you one more way to find resources. This time I'm going to select ED tools. Here we can search by keywords, Type of Tool, Topic, Grade, and More.

The content can be filtered by grade level and adapted for English language learners and basic skills students. NewseumED topics are important to all our students. You will want to get your own free account. Please be sure to check out NewseumED, it is a great resource for you and in your students.

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